Design Thinking – An Innovative Solutioning Approach

We sometimes find it difficult to find out the solution to our problems in personal or professional lives. The most common solutions are the ones that are hardest to come by because of the self -obligatory constraints we work within. How do we overcome such problems? The solution to this problem lies in Design Thinking.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a set of principles for innovative problem – solving.  It is a repetitive process in which we seek to understand the learner, challenge presumptions, and redefine the problems. It is an effort to identify alternative solutions that may not be apparent with our initial level of understanding. It is often called ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Difference between Problem Solving and Problem Finding:

In problem-solving, we are given a problem and we need to find a solution to that. In this scenario, the problem is already identified and there are different methodologies to solve them.

In design thinking, there is a different approach. Rather than assuming the problem, it takes a step backward and evaluates the problem. It starts with problem finding and moves forward to problem-solving.

Design Thinking and eLearning:

The goal of any eLearning course is to accustom the learners with the knowledge and skills they need to face the challenges and to benefit from the experience they receive in the process. The same rule applies to the eLearning professionals. Learning from mistakes, analyzing the key challenges, and understanding how to utilize feedback most effectively are all part of the design thinking process.

Design thinking is a problem-solving method that helps you to determine a challenge that a learner or an organization is facing, and come to a conclusion as to how that problem can be solved via eLearning courses or online training modules. 

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