Personalization in eLearning

Backdrop To Personalized eLearning

In the technology driven world eLearning is driving learning. Corporate training is eased by technology especially the mobile one. For different learners though, learning cannot be straight jacketed. Learners must be able to celebrate learning in their own way and eLearning must find this touch. In corporate, personalization is here to revolutionize the L&D environment based on employee choice and experience.

What is Personalized eLearning

Personalized learning is where pace of learning and instructional approach is optimized to suit the needs of each learner.

How do you implement Personalized eLearning?

The personalization can be achieved at various levels. One basic level could define the functionality to have the choice in fonts, themes etc. Another level could define the learner’s learning style. They could choose the audio predominance or video or simply slide shows. At a more superior level, the learners can be given a test or a survey to fill to know their interests, roles, competencies etc and then customize the course for them. You can also create user profiles and match the content to user role and needs. Organizations should be on the qui vive for tools and platforms that can help them personalize learning.

The Coming Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to think and learn making them ‘smart’. The future AI engines could understand and absorb the employees better. Equipped with this knowledge one can make learning offering suited to each employee.


Personalization in elearning is destined to grow fast. So is technology. The world of personalized eLearning is about to abound.  At SKILD, with our experience and expertise, we are ready for the future.

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