3 Design Elements for an Effective eLearning Course

Designing an eLearning course takes lot of thought and effort. Even with all the latest eLearning authoring tools, you may still face difficulties in designing an eLearning course. This article features the 3 most important Instructional Design elements that your eLearning course should have. This can be used as a checklist before you finalize your eLearning project.

Clear and Precise Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives form the bedrock of any eLearning course. They give direction and flow in designing the requisite eLearning course. The learning objectives of your eLearning course depend on the needs of your learners. Hence it is important to keep the learning objectives clear and precise to keep the eLearning course on track and achieve the desired outcome.

Appealing Multimedia

We all know that modern learners love multimedia. They feel an easy connect with the eLearning content when presented using multimedia options like videos, slideshows etc. Multimedia not only serves as a better medium for imparting learning but also, serves as entertainment. Thus using appealing multimedia in eLearning courses will increase learners’ engagement and motivation.

Timely Assessment and Feedback

Generally in eLearning courses assessments are presented at the end of the course. This will not help the learner track their progress through the course. Hence, it is important to test the learners with pre and post test for the eLearning course. Apart from that, learners should be presented with knowledge check questions with precise feedback at strategic points throughout the course, so that the learners can track their own progress and make improvement. The feedback provided should be such that the learners can understand where exactly they went wrong and how exactly can they fix it.


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