Benefits of Conversational eLearning Courses

Ben Frank’s words are a kind of universal truth.  We humans find ourselves learning faster when we are involved in the process.  One of the best ways to get involved in a learning process is to get into a conversation or listen to a conversation with the subject expert concerned. This same principle finds its benefits resonating in the eLearning domain.

Following are a few benefits of designing conversational eLearning courses.

E-Learning courses with conversational flow use various characters to present the learning content. The conversations between these characters are built on day-to-day scenarios to make learners connect to the subject easily. Such an approach to learning inspires curiosity and engages the learner positively. Such engaging training programs translate learning into better on the job performance.

It is a common understanding that people remember experience than facts. The most common way of experiencing learning is by having a conversation with the expert. Though you may not always find an expert for a conversation but, a good and interestingly built conversational learning course can be a better substitute. Conversational courses will not only make the learners remember what they have learnt but also help them digest and internalize the learning.

Good ROI

All companies invest in training programs to make their employees efficient to achieve better business outcomes.  With conversational courses being engaging and resulting in high retention, we can say that they are a good bet. Companies across different domains, especially technical areas, are finding it really productive with better employee performances. Thus, we see that conversational courses are producing a better Return on Investments (ROI) for companies from their investments in such training programs.


At SKILD, we have an expert L&D team with years of experience in creating conversational eLearning courses incorporating all the best practices that makes learning a memorable experience. Connect with us to maximize the returns on your training investments.

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