Review Process in eLearning

The most well planned and executed job can fall short of expectations, if not evaluated and assessed at regular intervals. The necessity of reviews cannot be overlooked.

Be it an internal review or review by a client. The need to review is ever present in eLearning. The review processes get challenging sometimes.

Road Not Easy

  • Reviews may become unlikeable. The most common issues with reviews are:
  • It takes too long to hear back from a client.
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth! Likewise, too many reviewers reviewing a course is a strict no.
  • You often do not get valuable feedbacks.
  • Last minute change requests.

Best Practices

There are few best practices to be kept in mind while reviewing an eLearning course. They are:

  • Limit reviewers to 2-5 if possible.
  • Give each recipient specific instruction, purpose. Helps us get valuable feedback.
  • Find people who can provide honest reviews.
  • Provide deadlines.
  • Version control always helps.
  • Be thankful to your reviewers.
    Find a tool which helps you replace the process.

Review Tools – As good as it gets

Review tools make the review process simpler and easier. As the name suggests, eLearning course reviewer tools allow you to review and edit eLearning deliverables. Some of the widely used tools are:

  • Articulate 360 – Articulate Review
  • Adobe Captivate Reviewer
  • Review My eLearning
  • ReviewLink
  • zipBoard
  •  eBridge


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