When to go Micro?

Micro-learning has been in vogue for quite some time. Every L&D expert talks about micro-learning as a panacea for all L&D problems. What is micro-learning and where can we actually go micro? Let’s check it out.

What is Micro-learning?

Micro-learning is short, super focused, digestible, and easily accessible learning content. To state it simple micro-learning is something which is just enough to get a job done. 
But, is it so simple? Absolutely no. Many times we come across YouTube videos that promise something in 5 min and in the end, you realize that it was a bad use of your time. A lot of times, right? So it’s just not about time but about how it fits with what the learners need for their better performance.
Hence the billion-dollar question is “when to go micro?” In this article, we shall see what kind of content is feasible for micro-learning.

Compliance Related Training
Have you taken compliance training? Did you like it? Most of the times the answer is a big NO.
The point is very few actually like compliance training. So it will be ill-advised on our part to treat compliance training as regular e-learning. By giving training for one hour in the first month of the year you can’t expect employees to remember and practice those behaviors for the rest of the year, right? It’s just unrealistic. So the better alternative is providing learning in small bits spread over time. Maybe 5 min a month

Change Management Training
Change management is heavily supported by microlearning. All change management theories state that awareness and desire to change are the two most important factors responsible to bring the desired change. And if the learners don’t have those, it doesn’t matter what you teach them. Then why don’t we use some quick videos, because you are never going to change someone’s awareness and desire in one sitting, So give them a stream of pieces of information that gradually bring the needed change.

Significance of the Training
Is it important to keep your content on top of the mind? If so, then you must go micro. A classic example of this is a safety-related training program. It important for the learners to remember the safety stuff all the time.
For such kind of training content, micro-learning bites can be built as reinforcement to regular elearning. This will enhance retention and keep learning on top of the employees’ minds.
To sum, up micro-learning is a boon when we use it for the right type of content. Here we have seen just a few areas where we can implement micro-learning successfully. Micro-learning is not just a fine tool for L&D, but it is also very cost-effective. 

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