Why should COVID-19 outbreak stop you from learning?

It was the strangest of times; or might we say the beginning of one of the most trying periods to be witnessed in world history, when the corona outbreak coerced the nation to undergo lockdown!
But did that mean one should lose the opportunity to learn as well? The good news is that the one thing that goes beyond the grasp of lockdown is eLearning.

While the coronavirus outbreak has put the nation on hold, nothing can put eLearning on hold – Here’s why.

ELearning- A timeless digital tool.

Indeed the pandemic has been exacting quite a bit of human toll and has been touted to prove pretty menacing to the economy. However, with the physical workspaces coming to a standstill, veering to the virtual space has become an organic move, undoubtedly.

Never before has the world so palpably felt the significance of eLearning.Having said that, this paradigm shift didn’t happen overnight. It was already an imminent future. With the booming economy in the service sector, statistics show that 98% of all the companies worldwide, were planning to use eLearning by 2020. It has been reported that eLearning usage by corporations has escalated by a staggering 900% in the last 16 years, consistently.

ELearning – an absolute necessity. Why?
It is now that in the wake of the recent pandemic, that almost all the other sectors are re-evaluating the necessity of office spaces. The reasons are as follows:

Dynamic tool:
Since eLearning is a dynamic tool that has transformed the concept of ‘office work’ and taken the ‘work from home’ scope a notch higher with the corporate training, the physical workspaces started to seem a bit redundant. At this hour of the pandemic, none of the corporate work is in a lockdown state owing to the digital space. eLearning has guaranteed this smooth work culture and global collaboration.

ELearning involves 40% to 60% less employee time, without compromising with productivity. Gives 24/7 access to training to suit your employees’ convenience and hence lets the employees ongoing access to key resources.

With LMS expertise letting you track the progress of the employees, eLearning modules ensure training consistency and standardization.

Enhanced productivity:
ELearning modules are optimized for a virtual experience in a manner that they not only enhance employees’ professional potential in the training delivery and facilitation space but also aid in a continuous upgrade in their approaches.

Indispensable & Eternal:
What is intriguing is that eLearning is a timeless entity that serves its purpose at all times; without restricting itself to only emergency situations like the current pandemic.

Scalable: It is also scalable for any number of trainees/employees.

Employee takes Ownership:
Employees are encouraged to take ownership of their learning to help enhance their performance capabilities and achieve the performance and organizational goals.

Enhanced retention rate:
The Research Institute of America’s study revealed that eLearning enhances retention rates by 25% to 60%, whereas the traditional training retention rates are 8% to 10%.
Isn’t COVID-19 – a pandemic with a silver lining, then?
As a matter of fact, we can say that eLearning is a streak of silver lining in the recent times of unrest (owing to COVID-19 outbreak).
In the bleakest of hours, just like that, eLearning comes as a hope inducing element. There remains not an iota of doubt that eLearning is the ultimate go-to guide, the game-changer in the corporate sector.
Since eLearning develops learning assets that align to the desired learning or behavioral outcome, envisioned by clients; even in a critical situation like this, be rest assured that eLearning would be able to offer your organization just what you ask for.
So, why wait? Go ahead and reap its benefits.

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