Microlearning – A Shift in the Learning Ecosystem

Microlearning is an approach to learning and skill enhancement that focuses on small informational units and short-term activities that sets it apart from the more conventional long-term learning programs of the past. This article sheds some light on where microlearning can make the greatest impact in your learning ecosystem and its uses.

According to Carla Torgerson an expert in microlearning, “Microlearning is content that is purposely shortened to enable the learners to fit learning within their work and personal lives”. Microlearning can be slotted into the busy, daily lives of ambitious personnel and leveraged to amazing effect. Learners from different domains can benefit from taking on a series of microlearning solutions that will both improve their effectiveness and authority in the market.

Integrate Microlearning into Your Learning Ecosystem

Let us discuss four ways in which we can integrate microlearning into our learning ecosystem.


Learners must be prepared for a long formal instruction or longer learning experience. This is possible with ‘prework’. What does prework offer in small such learning pieces? It helps to give an overview of the learning experience in a nutshell.


As the forgetting ‘curve’ is real, reinforcing knowledge is essential for every learner. Assuming you had a longer formal learning experience, what you require once the class is over is a reinforcement to retain that learning. This will boost learning. We can follow up with emails and text messages. These will enable learners to build personal knowledge systems efficiently.


Standalone is a piece of learning via a small video we watch on the Intranet that teaches the learner something small but significant. It can also be called ‘short-form learning’.


One of the best ways to provide support after training is with microlearning. This is when the learners are back to the job and they find themselves stuck while performing a task, or when they are not checking the best practices. In such a case, the learners can leave a message on the discussion board for their team and the team can interact in real-time to get their questions answered.

Benefits of Microlearning That You Can’t Afford To Miss Out

  • Microlearning provides a uniquely holistic approach to learning skills, knowledge, and cutting-edge information.
  • The short-term modules combine the depth of knowledge with the convenience of absorption which is why microlearning is such a powerful tool for learners to engage with, particularly in skills-based education.
  • Helps to reduce the overall cognitive overload and burnout which can occur in more traditional learning methods.
  • Significantly increases the learner’s level of recall and knowledge retention.
  • Provides the support that learners need at the moment that they need it most without being forced to fit into a generic schedule.
  • Boost employee motivation as well as their engagement with the projects they are undertaking.
  • Microlearning saves time and money which makes it ideal for organizations.

Formats of Microlearning

Microlearning can be delivered in varied setups. The formats of Microlearning include text-based resources, eLearning, video, infographic, podcasts, and a lot of other emerging technologies.


Microlearning uses small units of highly focused educational materials that seek to convey information and develop skills in the most effective manner possible. These assets are always available on-demand to fit into the needs and requirements of the learner. This gives the approach astounding flexibility, versatility, and utility in all fields.

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